Intellect on the Go!

The app for every student of every age! Intellect on the Go is a web app designed with the average school student in mind who may not be the most organized person but still works hard at school. It's many built in apps, including notes and flashcards, are also nicely complimented by many apps that are available for purchase in the market.

September 13th
Hey guys, just a quick update. I have been working very hard on implementing a language system into IOTG that will allow multiple language support. The system is in place and now we just need to translate the english to some other languages. If you can help please email [email protected] - Jamie D.
September 3rd
Hello everybody, my name is Jamie and I am the head backend developer for IOTG. As you might have heard from my colleague Jacob, we are completely redoing IOTG from scratch, we have decided to do this for one main reason, to make it as expandable and easily mod-able. To achieve this I have been working hard on developing an app engine. The idea of the app engine is that anybody, even someone with only basic programming knowledge are going to be able to create apps and sell them on the app market. The app engine already has a bunch of great features and I have many more planned to be added soon.

Lastly, IOTG is still in a CLOSED ALPHA stage of development and we will release more information closer up to the the release. - Jamie D.
August 22nd
Starting Over! We decided to start over and do things right this time with loads of added features. More information to come at a later date. - Jacob J.
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